Ex-prosecutor retracts statements, drops lawsuit against Cayuga County district attorney

A former assistant district attorney who had a filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Cayuga County and District Attorney Jon Budelmann has retracted all of his statements on the matter as part of a court settlement.

Jeffrey Domachowski, a former assistant district attorney and drug prosecutor, had filed a notice of claim in 2016 and a subsequent lawsuit in February 2017 alleging he was fired for reporting the DA to an ethics committee over allegations that the office was withholding evidence in 2015. Budelmann denied the claim, stating that Domachowski was terminated for unethical conduct, and said the assistant prosecutor had been conspiring with defense attorneys. With the support of the Cayuga County Legislature, Budelmann joined with the county in filing a countersuit that accused Domachowski of libel and insurance fraud.

Now both cases have been settled, and Domachowski has issued a statement as part of the record disavowing his previous claims:

“I retract all statements I made about District Attorney Jon E. Budelmann, the Cayuga County District Attorneys Office and the staff thereof and Cayuga County, including those published in the newspapers the Post-Standard, the Auburn Citizen or any media. … Neither the District Attorney Jon Budelmann, the District Attorney’s Office, nor the County of Cayuga have engaged in any wrongdoing.”

The Auburn Citizen:
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