Molinaro unveils ‘corruption’ website aimed at Gov. Cuomo

Republican candidate for governor Marc Molinaro on Sunday unveiled a website encouraging state workers to play the role of whistleblower in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration.

The website, called Cuomo Leaks, provides a place for potential whistleblowers to upload government documents and give tips to the Molinaro campaign.

“This is not how a state with proper checks and balances operates,” Molinaro said. “Government whistleblowers should be able to safely rely on enforcement agencies to pursue justice where it is due. But in Andrew Cuomo’s New York, in a New York with sham ethics agencies like JCOPE, power politics is valued over the truth. I send a message today to those brave voices on the other end of the line: what you are doing is right; what they are doing is wrong, and help is on the way.”

The website was created after a letter revealed the Thruway Authority had sought to encourage contractors working on the Tappan Zee Bridge project to finish by August. The opening of the second span of the Mario Cuomo Bridge was delayed by several days over concerns the old bridge had become destabilized. Cuomo had insisted the bridge’s opening and the problems with old bridge were coincidental.

“For months, my campaign has been receiving information from courageous state employees seeking to expose corruption and frustrated by the refusal of New York State law enforcement figures to act on what they view as clear illegalities,” Molinaro said.

The campaign Cuomo blasted the website, calling the move “desperate.”

“While Governor Cuomo works day and night on behalf of the people of New York, Marc Molinaro Works to financially enrich himself and his wealthy campaign donors,” said spokeswoman Lis Smith. “He can shed as many crocodile tears as he wants over transparency, but they mean nothing until he answers critical questions about his own troubling history of quid pro quo—answers he has willfully hid from the public by refusing to release his tax returns or properly file ethics disclosures.“

Both campaigns have traded charges of corruption. On Sunday, state Democratic Committee Vice Chairwoman Christine Quinn, a Cuomo ally, reiterated the push for an investigation into a Dutchess County contractor and donor to Molinaro hiring Molinaro’s wife.

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