Theneurosphere LLC is a leader in the development of neural networks

Theneurosphere’s contribution to the development of artificial intelligence

Neural networks are software or hardware implementations of mathematical models. They are based on the organization of neural networks – nerve cells of living organisms. At the global level, this issue was first addressed in 1943. Scientists introduced to the world such a notion as neural networks and put forward their theory, publishing it in a fundamental article that carries information on logical calculus and nervous activity.

Over the years, it has managed to reach incredible heights in development, but the question of how to teach robots to adapt to the environment and, based on the data obtained, make rational decisions, remained unanswered. The specialists of Theneurosphere LLC (theneurosphere.com) managed to develop a unique platform that allows training and subsequent adaptation of neural networks. Thanks to this research, it became possible to introduce artificial intelligence into the daily life of everyone, giving mankind the opportunity to use their time and energy more efficiently.

Neural networks – a new stage of technology development

The application area of neural networks is impressive – processing and analysis of large data streams, speech synthesis, object clustering, process optimization, pattern recognition, forecasting, etc. Computer-aided learning is widely used in engineering, medicine, geology, telecommunications, agriculture, finance, marketing, etc.

Here are some examples of using this tool:

  • The assessment of neural networks for cardiological and cancer diseases is much more accurate than that of doctors; it can save thousands of patients.
  • Computer vision and video analytics systems are actively used in remotely piloted vehicles to prevent accidents.
  • Since the introduction of the troubleshooting system at industrial enterprises, the number of accidents has decreased by more than 50%.
  • Developers of antivirus systems use computer-aided learning to find and modify threats, as well as identify and prevent new types of data attacks.
  • Industrial robots are successfully used in production processes at enterprises, farms, warehouses.

The development of our planet is entirely related to AI, the computer-aided learning is the foundation of it. This technology allowed mankind to expand the scope of opportunities and became the first step towards a new stage of development.

Machines will learn to think

Scientists want to achieve not only the implementation of the actions specified by the program, but also literally teach robots to think. The team of The Neuro Sphere LLC was able to implement a machine learning network in 2016. They managed to find ways and solutions that allow artificial intelligence not only to perform assigned tasks but also to improve their level of skills. This was achieved through modeling the network into which the artificial intelligence is placed. It is set a group of specific parameters that respond to external stimuli from the environment. If there is no change, the machine runs unchanged. However, in the event of a change in the environment, other impulses will begin to arrive, which will cause a change in the response of the neural network, and, therefore, the behavior model of the machine itself will change. This is the learning algorithm. Simply put, a robot is placed in various situations in which it has to use one or another model of behavior, but the difference between a neural network and a simple machine is that the first one will choose the most suitable model based on the surrounding situation.

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