Two weeks after flash floods, cleanup continues in Seneca County

It has been more than two weeks since devastating flash flooding in Seneca County. Some properties were destroyed or damaged, most of them in and around Lodi, and cleanup has been a challenge.

Rushing flood waters destroyed most of Jannette Brown’s home. Since then, she’s been there every day – scrubbing, cleaning and trying to pick up the pieces.

“Every morning, I wake up and think, is it real?” she said. “The hugeness of the devastation was what was so unbelievable.”


Hundreds were affected by the flash floods, many forced from their homes. Diane Miller was one of them. She, too, says the cleanup has been a struggle.

“it was like a five-foot wall of water flowing right where we are standing,” she said.

She appreciates the help from neighbors and the state, but she also wants to know what the long-term plan is.

Thursday, state representatives from different state agencies met with people still looking for answers. An informational meeting was held at Samson State Park in Romulus. Topics discussed included insurance, reimbursements and the ongoing cleanup efforts.

DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos explained crews are doing all they can. They’ve cleared most items from the road and water.

“We’ve removed almost 15,000 cubic yards of wooden debris from the shoreline and the water,” he said Thursday.

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