Seneca Falls Town Board approves fine for trashy properties

Town property owners who put unwanted furniture and other junk on the curb or in their yards will run the risk of being fined.

The Town Board voted 4-0 Tuesday to adopt Local Law 2 of 2018. It amends the property maintenance section of town code, allowing for a $400 fine to be levied for uncorrected violations.

At a public hearing prior to the meeting, Matt Blair asked that the amendment include the existing code for properties in the town’s historic districts.

“The districts are on the major routes in and out of town that most visitors see,” Blair said. “We want them to look good, and hitting property owners in the wallet to get a change in behavior is good.”

Code Enforcement Officer Dean Zettlemoyer said once a violation is verified, he issues a warning letter to remove the debris within a certain time period. If that isn’t done, he will send a second letter, threatening the fine for noncompliance.

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