UPDATE: Waterloo man wrongly charged after miscommunication from Albany about sex offender verification

After making a felony arrest over the weekend at an address in Waterloo the entire ordeal could have been a miscommunication between Albany and officials in Seneca County.

Theodore N. Chaney, 62, of Waterloo was arrested on Saturday at approximately 12:30 am for failing to comply with New York State Corrections Law regulating sex offenders.

According to Lt. Timothy Thompson with the Sheriff’s Office, after following-up with New York State’s Division of Criminal Justice Services a mistake was identified. “We received an electronic notification from NYS DCJS reporting that Mr. Chaney was not in compliance with his sex offender requirements. They reported that he failed to mail in his required annual verification form,” Thompson explained via email. “A criminal investigation was immediately launched and our Investigators made a request to NYS DCJS for official documentation indicating that the verification form was not returned to them.”

He continued, “NYS DCJS responded with official documentation which included an affidavit which verified that Mr. Chaney did not return the form. Following all of this, Mr. Chaney was arrested on July 7th on a charge of Failure to Mail in the Annual Verification under NYS Corrections Law which governs sex offender requirements.”

However, after the investigation, arrest, and filing of charges – new information was obtained. “This morning, we received a call from Mr. Chaney reporting that he believed that this was an error. Our Investigators immediately followed up with NYS DCJS and they acknowledged that there was a mistake on their end as the verification had not been entered in their system,” he added. “Our Investigators have informed Mr. Chaney of this newest development and we will be following-up with the District Attorney’s Office to ensure that they are aware and they will ultimately decide the disposition.”

The charge Chaney faced was a Class E felony, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Further court action is still scheduled for September 5th, but no word has been released from the Seneca County District Attorney’s Office at this time regarding the charges.

This story will be updated as new information becomes available.

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