Seneca Meadows partners with Geneva students for Solar Power

Seneca Meadows, Inc. today announced its seventh year partnering with Geneva High School students in solar cooking projects. The students of Ron Smith’s World of Technology class use technology to solve real-world problems, including cooking in regions without public power. Satellite dishes and Fresnel lenses from large-screen projection televisions that have been dropped off at Seneca Meadows for recycling are set apart for the students to re-purpose into solar stoves and ovens.

The transformation of the discarded materials starts with adding reflectors to the satellite dishes. The Fresnel lens is then used to focus in solar rays, adjusting the angle of the lens to control the temperature. On sun intense days, the solar heat can reach a temperature of 1000̊ F.

Calculus and physics teachers, as well as the Culture & Food and Food Nutrition teacher collaborate on the projects to help students understand the math and science involved, and to prepare food that can be cooked, boiled or baked. Students have successfully cooked eggs and hot dogs, and baked bread and cinnamon buns.


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