Debates continue over draft zoning laws in the village of Cayuga, including adult entertainment

At the village of Cayuga’s third open house on its draft zoning laws, debates continued over adult entertainment and exceptions within residential zones Monday night.

Since a heated debate in May, largely regarding short-term rental and adult entertainment provisions in the zoning, the village opened itself to feedback and has received and responded to 120 resident-made comments on the draft law. Some concerns, however, remain.

County Senior Planner Kari Terwilliger explained changes made to the zoning via a presentation. Among them she highlighted the two hot-button issues from May explaining that short-term rental provisions have been modified to mirror the zoning for bed and breakfasts, and the provision for adult entertainment still stands — with a few changes.

“Adult entertainment district, we had a lot of discussion about this as well … ultimately the committee decided to up the distance from all of those things that you have to be from 500 to 1,000 feet,” Terwilliger said. “Which leaves one single speck that is exactly 1,082 square feet.”

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