Waterloo Library is presenting a special adult and teen reading show open to the community

Waterloo Library is hosting a professional teen and adult reading show, open to the community, on Monday July 23rd at 6PM, at the Waterloo Library, located at 31 East Williams St Waterloo, NY 13165.

The show, titled “Mind Control: Fact Or Fiction?,” is being used as part of the library’s efforts to encourage young adults to read more during the summer.

The show, presented by international entertainer/educator Cris Johnson, will feature custom-designed optical illusions, influence experiments, hypnosis, audience participation, and more. The show is intended for ages 12 on up as well as any thrill-seeking adults.

“This particular program is something different – it was designed to promote more reading among adults and teens,” Librarian Brandi Rozelle explains.”The show will shed light on mind control, separating myth from fact, the truth about hypnosis, fraudulent psychics, and much more. It’s amazing, interactive, and is mysterious fun!”

Why did Cris Johnson go to the trouble of creating an entire show designed simply to get adults and teens to read more over the summer months? “I’ve been creating and presenting themed shows to libraries and schools
all across North America for nearly 20 years and it’s a passion of mine,” Cris explains. “With budget cuts increasing all the time, we as a community really need to support our local libraries, encourage teens as well as adults to read more, watch less TV, and protect our children’s future.”

Cris Johnson’s “Mind Control: Fact Or Fiction?” will be presented on Monday July 23rd at 6PM at the Waterloo Library, located at 31 East Williams St Waterloo, NY 13165 and is intended for adults and teens. Children below the age of 12 are not encouraged to attend. Admission is free, seating availability permitting.

For More information please contact the Waterloo Library at 315-539-3313

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