New mural graces downtown Dryden

Joanna Murphey is no stranger to the rolling hills and scrumptious scenery of Upstate New York. As a landscape artist, Joanna watches. "I observe the visual language of the community,” she said.

Joanna met with me at the Community Center Café to discuss the mural that she is installing just above the Café’s doors on the north facing wall of 1 West Main Street.

In choosing a site for her most recent work, Joanna says she “Fell in love with Dryden. As you drive along, you are on the side of massively beautiful hollows with beautiful expansive views. It is so inspiring. After observing the community and researching some of its history, I make a mural about what I see. I want to make nature beautiful so that people will fall in love with it and want to take care of it, especially with children.”

Several children have seen Joanna at work, as the walking field trips from Dryden Elementary School waved and watched while walking back to school down Main Street after a visit at the Southworth Library and Montgomery Park.

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