Baldridge hits Helming hard on ethics, environment

When Kenan Baldridge ran for state Senate two years ago, his Republican opponent had no state legislative record that he could address.

She does now.

Baldridge, a Democrat who was soundly defeated by Republican Pam Helming of Canandaigua two years ago in the race to represent the state Senate’s 54th District, is back and hitting the Republican hard.

In remarks delivered in front of the Wayne County Courthouse earlier this month, Baldridge called Helming’s two years as the region’s state senator “a profound disappointment.”

The Rose town supervisor, who ran unopposed in the 2017 race for town supervisor, said Helming had “claimed to support pension forfeiture for corrupt office holders, term limits and recall elections. However, her interest in ethics seems to be in remission. None of these has happened, nor even tried. Instead, she has been assimilated into the Albany culture of corruption with lavish corporate fundraisers while in session in Albany. She has failed the ethics test.”

Baldridge noted checks paid to Helming after she was incorrectly listed as committee chair of the Crime Victims, Crime and Correction Committee.

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