‘WITHDRAW THE PROJECT’: Assemblyman Palmesano says developers should pull out from Romulus incinerator proposal

Assemblyman Phil Palmesano has a few key philosophies that he takes to work with him each day.

“Dialogue is important,” he explained during an appearance on Inside the FLX. “It’s not my job to yell and scream,” Palmesano continued. “It’s my job to try to find solutions and help people. Part of that is reaching across the aisle where we can to get help on certain issues that are important to all of our constituents.”


It’s that focus on calm, rational debate and discussion that allows the four-term Assemblyman to remain upbeat about the sometimes challenging political climate present in New York State and across the U.S. He said that the finger pointing carries a negative connotation. “People expect more out of their elected representatives,” he added.

While economic development has been a hot topic at the state-level for multiple years, Palmesano says he wants to remain focused on providing opportunities for young people in the state; and fighting for jobs that will benefit everyone, too. “We have some of the most beautiful scenes in all of the U.S.,” he added after. “We have to make sure we have opportunities for our kids and families so they can make a good living and provide a living for their family and raise that family locally.”

As for the $365 million proposal to build a waste-to-energy incinerator in Romulus — the Assemblyman remains vehemently opposed. “It’s a terrible proposal in my opinion and I don’t think this is something where it’s going to create economic development, or add the types of jobs we need,” he explained. “In fact, I think it’s going to be hurtful; and could hurt the environment as well as our natural resources.”

“I’m proud to be part of this growing coalition working with Senator Pam Helming, Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb, and Senator Tom O’Mara to keep this project out of the Finger Lakes,” he explained. “There are so many different groups — like Gas Free Seneca, as well as businesses — who are opposing this proposal,” he continued. “It’s really grassroots.”

Assemblyman Palmesano even went as far as to say that the developers behind the proposal — Circular enerG, Inc. — should pull the proposal completely. “Our goal is to stop the project; and we’re convinced we’re goin to one way or another. There’s tremendous opportunity at the former Depot for things like solar,” Palmesano added. “I would ask the developer to withdraw the project. It’s not welcomed in the Town, it’s not welcomed by the business and community groups here; and it’s not a good thing for the environment.”

Palmesano also talked at length about an issue that hits close to home for him. He’s been pushing state-wide for easier access to organ donation sign-ups.

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