FARMING IN THE FINGER LAKES: A great future for beef in the Finger Lakes

“Beef production in the Finger Lakes is on the rise, and the future appears to be very promising and poised for growth,” said John Kriese, current president of the New York Beef Producers Association.

Kriese, a third-generation beef cattle producer, is the owner of Spring Pond Farm and co-owner of Finger Lakes Cattle Co. in Branchport as well as Penn Yan. He owns a cow/calf operation that specializes in the production of registered and purebred beef cattle.

“Right now, my wife and I are managing more cattle than we ever thought to be possible,” he said.

Both John and Anita share a strong passion for the beef industry, and their teamwork of talent focuses on producing high-quality cattle of three breeds: Black Angus, Red Angus and Herefords.

Before 1995, the Kriese Family was known for producing only one breed, the Hereford. It was chosen by Kriese’s grandfather and father because of the docility that the breed offers. In addition, the Hereford has long been known as a strong maternal breed, with excellent reproductive efficiency and tremendous mothering abilities.

In 1995, a partnership beef cattle enterprise was established called Finger Lakes Cattle Co. Kriese and Dr. Timothy J. Dennis, DVM, decided that growth and diversity in the production of beef would be their goal. The duo began to create a management plan that included producing both Black and Red Angus.

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