Seneca District Attorney Barry Porsch running for County Judge

Seneca County District Attorney Barry Porsch announced that he is seeking election to the office of Seneca County Court Judge in this fall’s election.

Last November, Porsch was soundly re-elected to a third term as District Attorney, winning as the candidate of both the Republican and Democratic Parties and making Porsch the only District Attorney in New York State who was elected as a Republican-Democrat.

Porsch was first elected District Attorney in 2009 in a landslide, garnering support as the candidate of the Republican, Independence, Conservative and Working Families Parties. In 2004, he was re-elected District Attorney running unopposed.

Porsch said his history of running a non-partisan District Attorney office and running as a bi-partisan candidate in the District Attorney race will also characterize his candidacy in the County Court Judge’s race. According to Porsch, “The position of County Court Judge, like District Attorney, is too important to be influenced by politics or political bosses.”

Porsch declared that he will not accept monetary donations from special interests or individuals. “Special interests should not be able to buy or influence judge elections.”

A former judge, Porsch served as a Seneca Falls Village Justice from 1993 to 1996.

After law school, Porsch became a Court Attorney at the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court, New York’s second highest court, where he was promoted five times over 15 years. He served with the Appeals Court until being elected District Attorney.

Over the past 8 years, he has personally prosecuted 33 trials.

As a former Judge, long-time Court Attorney and District Attorney with a proven track record of success in all four levels of the New York State’s court system, especially in jury trials and appeal work, Porsch is uniquely qualified to serve as Seneca County Court Judge.

Porsch grew up in Seneca Falls where he earned his Eagle Scout award and graduated from Mynderse Academy. After high school, he worked as a factory mechanic for 13 years.

Porsch graduated from Cayuga Community College in 1988, Cornell University in 1991, and Syracuse University College of Law in 1994.

Porsch said that he looks forward to debating his two opponents and comparing his record of success against his opponents’ records.

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