Romulus ZBA reverses code official, says incinerator not a renewable energy project

The 2017 ruling by Zoning Officer Adam Schrader that the proposed waste-to-energy incinerator is a source of renewable energy and allowed under town zoning has been reversed.

Meeting April 26, the town Zoning Board of Appeals upheld an appeal of Schrader’s decision filed by town resident Alan Kiehle. The board declared letters written by Schrader March 16 and Aug. 28, 2017, “to be vacated.” The ZBA declined to issue an interpretation in their place because the Town Board recently adopted zoning code amendments that prohibits the incinerator “which addresses the issues presented herein.”

The ZBA resolution states the board does not agree with the determination of the town’s zoning officer that a waste-to-energy facility constitutes a valid renewable energy source and that such a use would not be a noxious or injurious use, provided it “substantially complies with applicable environmental regulations.”

The ZBA said it believes the Schrader determination that the incinerator would be considered renewable energy production under the zoning code “is contrary to the town’s stated intent with regard to land use activities involving waste materials.”

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