BULLHEAD DINNER CANCELLED: SF Elks will not hold annual event for fish lovers

Due to circumstances outside the realm of control for officials with the Seneca Falls Elks Lodge – an annual dinner, set to be held this Saturday has been cancelled.

Bullheads are popular in the region, and community organizations frequently hold ‘bullhead dinners’ throughout the spring. However, there have been consistent issues this spring with gaining access to the fish, which are imported from outside the region.

“It’s with great disappointment that we have to cancel this year’s ‘Bullhead Dinner’. We’ve always received great support from the community with this one – so it really is disappointing that we have to cancel,” explained Steve Marsh, one of the organizers behind the annual event at the Elks Lodge. “Getting bullheads has been an issue for lodges and clubs all around the Finger Lakes — and we were hopeful that they would be resolved by the time ours took place this weekend, but this morning I received a call that ours wouldn’t be available.”

Those who purchased pre-sale tickets can bring them to the lodge for a full-refund. Anyone who would like more information should call (315) 568-5931.

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