Despite local opposition, group plans to move ahead with Romulus incinerator

Despite growing — and very vocal — local opposition, Circular EnerG officials say they will forge ahead with their plan to obtain a permit for a waste-to-energy incinerator at the former Seneca Army Depot.

“This is a great project for the environment and the economy,” insisted the company’s legal counsel, Alan Knauf of Rochester, in a conversation last week.

“It is sad that NIMBYs [Not In My Back Yard] are fighting so hard to force waste to continue to go to the landfills, causing huge environmental impacts such as odors, methane emissions that cause global warming and impacts from fracking, drilling or mining fossil fuels to make the same energy we would make from waste to energy,” Knauf said.

He said he is mystified that people would oppose burning 2,640 tons of solid waste a day to generate electricity, apparently preferring to have solid waste continue to be buried in landfills in Seneca and Ontario counties. He said landfilling creates more environmental problems than incineration.

Knauf noted that the plant would generate electricity that could be used to power new industry at the former depot. The depot development is hampered by a lack of sufficient electricity.

“Mr. Martin (Earl Martin, purchaser of 7,000 acres of former depot land) won’t have enough power to move his steel works plant to the depot,” Knauf said.

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