Cynthia Nixon makes first appearance in FLX on Thursday, says ‘no’ to Crestwood, Circular enerG (video)

Cynthia Nixon brought her campaign to the northern shores of Seneca Lake on Thursday to announce her opposition to the Crestwood Liquefied Petroleum Gas Storage Project and the recently proposed garbage incinerator in Romulus.

Both projects are strongly opposed by local governments, businesses and residents across the Finger Lakes and Governor Cuomo has not taken a public position on either.

“The Finger Lakes is a world-class wine and tourist destination that supports thousands of jobs and brings billions of dollars into New York’s economy every year. Clean air and clean water are vital for these businesses to thrive. I am firmly opposed to the Crestwood Gas Storage Project and the Romulus garbage incinerator,” said Cynthia Nixon in Geneva.


The Crestwood Liquefied Petroleum Gas Storage Project would import 1.5 million barrels of liquid propane from Texas and store it in abandoned salt caverns under Seneca Lake in the town of Reading in Schuyler County. It poses a threat to Seneca Lake, a source of drinking water for 100,000 people, and jeopardizes multi-generational businesses within the region that rely on clean air and water for survival.

The project was proposed in 2009 and Cuomo’s Department of Environmental Conservation has the authority to approve or reject the project. Final public hearings were held over three years ago and the Cuomo Administration has yet to make a decision, leaving citizens and businesses in the Finger Lakes dangling for years.

Cynthia is committed to a just transition to 100% renewable energy and has opposed the construction of all new fossil fuel infrastructure in New York because of the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas pollution that causes climate change. Today, Cynthia Nixon went on to explain her strong opposition to the garbage incinerator, which would burn 2,640 tons of garbage every day, just 3,200 feet from the Romulus K-12 public school.

A private company, Circular EnerG had proposed the project late last year and after being met with strong opposition from the Town of Romulus, shifted gears and requested that the Cuomo Administration approve the project through an Article 10 power plant siting proceeding.

Nixon also expressed her support for recently introduced state legislation that would take garbage incinerators out of the expedited Article 10 state power plant siting process – a move that Cuomo approved in 2011.

“I applaud the bi-partisan support for the new bill that would take garbage incinerators out of the article ten power plant siting process and urge the State Legislature to pass this vitally needed legislation before they adjourn in June,” said Nixon.

Nixon is a strong supporter of waste reduction and reuse, recycling, and composting. Anything that cannot be reused or recycled or composted should be sent to small locally controlled landfills rather than mega dumps and garbage incinerators. Nixon is opposed to the Romulus incinerator and opposes the construction of incinerators anywhere in the State of New York.

“The Governor of California would never allow a massive garbage incinerator or a major gas storage and transport hub to be built in the heart of Napa Valley. Why is Governor Cuomo silent on these environmental threats in the heart of the Finger Lakes?” said Nixon.

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