Port Byron parents angered at lack of administrative communication over school threat

About 40 people — many of them parents of students in the Cayuga County community — rallied Monday to express their frustration with how the Port Byron School District handled a recent school threat.

A 12-year-old student at the district was arrested on Friday by New York State Police for making a threat to harm students at school on social media. He was charged with making a terroristic threat. Troopers said he was not in a position to carry out any of the threats.

Now the attention has turned away from the student to the district leaders.

"We are upset because we feel that the school didn't inform us in the order it should," said Port Byron alumnus and parent Emily LaFramboise.

LaFramboise said students were concerned all week about the 12-year-old student's behavior. LaFramboise, along with other parents, are wondering why the school superintendent sat down to explain the situation with a local newspaper before explaining it to them.

"The only communication that we've technically had with our superintendent was an email that was sent out on 2:08 on Friday, saying that there was no threat," LaFramboise said.

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