Cayuga County’s economic forecasters encourage potential workers to look locally

The Cayuga County Economic Development Agency is increasing efforts to maintain a local workforce.

“One of the big disconnects we're taking about is kids don't know what jobs are available here. So they go away to college, they find a job, they – if we're lucky – come back to raise a family later,” said Tracy Verrier, executive director of CEDA, after the Economic Forecast Luncheon on Thursday.

Verrier said there is a generation gap, specifically in manufacturing jobs and the county is working to increase efforts to get in front of young people while they're still here to be able to say, “Look, here are these really cool, high-tech manufacturing jobs, that you could do, or these quality assurance jobs where you get to play with cool machines all day.”

“They're good-paying jobs, high-tech jobs, and they require, in a lot of cases, some very specialized skills,” Verrier said, “we really need people to understand that and want our students to know that those jobs are here, so they can go get their training and come back.”

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