Upwards of 50 jobs at Seneca Falls business will be relocated to India

Reports indicate that Xylem Financial Resource Center located at the company’s Bayard Street facility in Seneca Falls will be shutting down in June.

Those same reports indicate that 50 jobs will be lost at the facility, as those functions are outsourced to India.

The Financial Resource Center, or financial shared services side of the Seneca Falls operation is responsible for the accounting and collection part of the Bayard Street business.

No official word has been released from the company at this time.

This outsourcing of 50 jobs will not impact any of Xylem’s core workforce in Seneca Falls. This portion of the company, according to those with knowledge of the structure, say that it was an independent arm – operating at the benefit of Xylem and other companies to handle financial and accounting functions.

Seneca Falls Deputy Supervisor Lou Ferrara said that cost saving measures like this come at the expense of the community. “These moves always impact people who live, and spend money right here in Seneca Falls. As bigger corporations buy the smaller operations, unfortunately, they sometimes consolidate,” he explained. “Unfortunately this one isn’t here in Seneca Falls.”

He says that he’s hopeful those who are impacted by the cuts are able to find work in the area, and their respective fields.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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