Village of Moravia to install new sewer pipe

The village of Moravia will be replacing a sewer pipe on South Main Street in the spring.

An old sewer line, back when the town had a gravity flow sewer system, is collapsing and needs to be replaced, Mayor Gary Mulvaney said after a village board meeting on Monday night.

“We've got a sewer line that is buried down there 16 to 18 feet, and it's round, but over the years has become oval, so it is collapsing,” Mulvaney said.

The collapsing line will be disconnected and sealed off, and a new line will be put in place above it, only six feet. The previous line had to be deeper due to the gravity flow system, but around 20 years ago the village installed a water pump which means the lines no longer have to run so deep, Mulvaney explained.

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