‘On Call’ employees could be getting paid in 2018

If you’re a shift worker — someone who works at a store or a restaurant — you could see some more money in your paycheck in the New Year.

Governor Cuomo’s administration is pushing for new rules for on-call workers, like those in retail. Employers would have to post schedules two weeks in advance. If you’re called in without notice, or if you’re just on-call, you’d get extra pay.

The new rules could take effect in January.

Myesha Colon works at Dunkin Donuts, and says these regulations are needed.

“Everytime somebody calls off, or anytime they need somebody they automatically just come to you and call you and say “hey can you come in?”, and it’s like you keep telling them yea I’ll come in,” Myesha said.

“You prove to them that you’re a hard worker everyday and it’s for no reason because they don’t… show you at all… they don’t show gratitude,” Myesha said.

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