Syracuse Lacrosse: We have a schedule, and wow is it a schedule

At last year’s media day, coach John Desko mentioned that he would like to get “a couple more tigers on the schedule.” when talking in regards to the importance of the RPI in the eyes of the NCAA Selection Committee. The NCAA selects teams for the NCAAT based on a number of criteria but has shown particular fondness for head-to-head matchups and RPI, so unlike college football, scheduling cupcakes will not help you.

Basically you want to schedule lacrosse like Syracuse scheduled football up until very recently. Ultimately, it looks like the coaching staff did exactly what Desko said they would do for the 2018 year as Navy and Rutgers are added while the St. John’s Red Storm and Siena Saints get the boot. I’m probably looking forward to the Navy game the most but it is nice to have another “hatable” team on the schedule with the Scarlet Knights.

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