Labor stats highlight impact of del Lago Resort & Casino

As the largest employer in Seneca County, del Lago Resort & Casino has had an impact on the county’s unemployment rate.

The New York State Department of Labor released its October 2017 county unemployment rates and Seneca County has dropped significantly to 3.9 percent from 4.4 percent in October 2016.

Seneca County has the fourth lowest unemployment rate out of New York’s 62 counties. Local officials attribute the decrease in unemployment to del Lago Resort & Casino, which opened in February 2017.

Twenty-four percent of del Lago’s team members are from Seneca County, making it the most represented local county.

There are nearly 400 employees from Wayne, Cayuga and Ontario counties, helping boost employment throughout the entire Finger Lakes region.

In addition, 78 percent of del Lago’s workforce come from the immediate counties surrounding del Lago Resort & Casino which include Seneca, Wayne, Cayuga and Ontario counties.

When del Lago Resort & Casino was being proposed, the unemployment rate in Seneca County was around 7 percent — well above the state and national averages. Since the resort and casino opened, hundreds of Seneca County employees have landed jobs at del Lago.

“We were pleased to see that Seneca County’s unemployment rate has improved significantly to now being the fourth lowest in the state,” Seneca County Manager John Sheppard said. “This is attributable to del Lago Resort & Casino, our county’s largest employer. To date, nearly $6.5 million in revenue and myriad other benefits have significantly contributed to sustaining the governmental services expected of our constituents while remaining tax-cap compliant.”

“The hundreds of jobs created by del Lago Resort & Casino are truly stimulating the local economy and have spurred other major development along routes 318 and 414,” Seneca County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bob Shipley said. “We are thrilled to see that the unemployment rate for Seneca County has decreased, as it largely due to del Lago Resort & Casino hiring hundreds of Seneca County residents.”

“Before we opened del Lago Resort & Casino, we promised local officials that we would help Seneca and surrounding counties with job growth, creating an economic boon. We are proud of the fact that nearly 61 percent of our team members reside within 20 miles of del Lago,” Executive Vice President and General Manager Jeff Babinski said. “We also know that while we’ve quickly become the largest employer in the region, we are not the only new employer or the only employer continuing to expand its workforce.”

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