Diverging diamond? Victor considers it as possible solution to 490 interchange congestion

The Town of Victor is taking steps to make major changes to one of their busiest roads.

“This area is always busy around the holidays,” said Allen Bennett of Farmington.

The town is looking to make improvements on the 490 interchange by the Thruway exit on Route 96 because of heavy congestion and safety concerns.

A proposal is in the works to add a diverging diamond in the road, similar to design of the Winton Road at I-590 interchange.

A diverging diamond allows for traffic to safely merge in lanes of the opposite direction to avoid left turn crashes and congestion.

“After you see it, you look and say, it really works,” said Victor Town Supervisor Jack Marren. “If it can reduce congestion and improve safety first and foremost, that becomes a priority.”

Some drivers, however, are not sold on it.

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