Sapio asks for voters support on Conservative, Independence lines

In an effort to educate voters on how to vote for Joe Sapio to be Seneca County’s next District Attorney he is reminding them that voting on the Conservative or Independence lines is necessary.

“At this point party affiliation is not nearly as important as doing the right thing. That’s why we’re still in this race,” explained Sapio. “We have welcomed support from across party lines throughout this campaign, but since securing the Independence and Conservative lines on the ballot ‘writing in’ Joe Sapio is not an option.”

In order to successfully register a vote on the Nov. 7 ballot, voters will have to boldly highlight the bubble on the Independence or Conservative lines.

Sapio has touted his desire to build a community that supports local law enforcement. “We need to support local law enforcement. There needs to be an open door policy. People have to have faith in the judicial system, and that’s what is lacking right now,” explained the Conservative and Independence candidate for District Attorney.

Sapio added, “The District Attorney needs to be the leader for our local law enforcement, and I will provide that leadership and accountability Seneca County is starved for now.”

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