Town of Geneva launches waste diversion program

The town of Geneva is starting several projects with a goal of reducing the solid waste impact of its residents.

“The Ontario County Board of Supervisors is committed to closing the county landfill when the operating contract expires at the end of 2028,” Supervisor Mark Venuti said. “Our goal is to substantially reduce what we throw away so we won’t confront an expensive dilemma about managing refuse when that happens.”

Last year, the town worked with a Hobart and William Smith Colleges’ environmental studies class on recommendations for waste reduction. The town is taking advantage of funding from county landfill revenue to support its projects.

“We started with a survey of town residents to find out what they did with refuse and to find out what interest there was in some of our diversion ideas, and we got an encouraging response,” Venuti said.

Nearly 200 survey responses have been received to date — representing about 20 percent of town households. Information was sought about use of the town’s transfer station on White Springs Road and interest in diversion projects, such as taking food waste to the transfer station or composting at home.

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