Cornell students ‘stunned’ by use of N-Word at house dinner

Following two high-profile incidents in which Cornell students reported being targeted physically or verbally because of their race, a West Campus house community is “shattered” following the use of a slur last week at a house dinner.

Students at the Carl Becker House’s weekly house dinner on Wednesday night were answering poll questions by anonymously texting responses to questions like “What is your favorite place on campus?” Their answers appeared in bubbles on a projector, and soon people began submitting silly and somewhat inappropriate answers.

Then, in response to one prompt — “Name your key strength” — someone responded by submitting the N-word, which appeared prominently at the front of the room, projected onto a screen.

“The room went completely silent,” Prof. Neema Kudva, the house professor and dean, said in an email to residents of the house the next day, adding that “a sense of shock at the intent to violate and intimidate slammed into us.”

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