Former water and sewer head addresses Seneca Supervisors

Mary Anne Kowalski of Lakeshore Landing, Romulus, administered the Seneca County water and sewer districts in 2014 and ’15.

She also is a customer of Seneca County Water District No. 1 and Sewer District No. 2.

With that background, Kowalski addressed the county Board of Supervisors Tuesday, opposing the county’s response to a recent state audit of the districts and opposing a proposal to issue a Request For Proposals from outside agencies to administer the districts.

Her remarks sparked the latest in a long series of lengthy discussions by the board about the water and sewer districts.

“I am here to represent the in-district customers and ask that the board step up and correct the problems, rather than try again to contract them out,” Kowalski said. “The districts are a mess because the board has not paid attention and has contracted out or delegated responsibility with no oversight.”

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