‘Dunkin Hortons’ is NOT coming to Auburn; it doesn’t even exist

On Sunday morning, many people passing the old Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop on Grant Avenue in Auburn might have noticed a new sign on the property, and they might have gotten their hopes up.

The sign was attached to the top of a billboard set up by Flaum Management Co., the real estate agency that’s currently listing the property. It featured a clip-art coffee cup — similar to the Dunkin’ Donuts logo — and said, “Coming Soon Dunkin’ Hortons Sept. 31, 2017.”

But there were some signals that the announcement was a hoax, like the fact that there is no Sept. 31 and there is already a Dunkin’ Donuts practically across the street at Grant and Standart avenues. And it didn’t seem likely that two competing companies would share a space.

On Wednesday, Flaum confirmed what many had come to suspect: It was all a prank.

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