REPORTS: Auburn Correctional Facility on lockdown after incident

Auburn Correctional Facility located at 135 State St. is on lockdown.

DOCCS is conducting an overall frisk of the premises and it’s unclear, according to reporting by the Auburn Citizen when the lockdown would end.

There was an incident between inmates in the prison’s yard on Thursday, according to officials.

“Auburn Correctional Facility has been locked down to allow staff to investigate an incident between inmates,” said DOCCS spokesperson Thomas Mailey. “The outcome of the investigation will determine what further actions are necessary.”

Two warning shots had to be fired during the entire ordeal to end the chaos.

“They didn’t stop,” Miano said. “They continued fighting, and then they (officers) fired one warning shot, and then they had to fire another warning shot.”

Some inmates suffered minor injuries, but no guards were injured, according to the Citizen’s reporting.

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