City manager lists actions taken so far in Foundry cleanup process

Several speakers at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting continued to criticize the city’s response to the Geneva Foundry soil contamination issue.

There were calls for the city to apologize to residents for not informing them of the contamination discovered in 1989.

There were requests to comply with a list of demands regarding providing fresh fruit and vegetables, raised gardens, a community playground and other benefits.

One speaker, Hannah Dickinson, voiced support for some steps taken by the city over the past month.

“I’m pleased you are taking the Geneva Foundry Action Committee’s demands seriously, especially in terms of providing fruits and vegetables,” Dickinson said.

She said the type of nutrients provided by the fruits and vegetables will help lead stay out of children’s bones.

“Many parents had their children test high for lead and did not know why until now,” Dickinson said. “I’m excited to see action. Don’t delay any further,” she added.

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