Councilor says Bicentennial Park not best location for proposed Geneva skateboaring site

A city councilor likes the idea of a new skatepark, but does not like its proposed location, Bicentennial Park on Exchange Street.

“That’s not the place to do it,” said Ward 4 Councilor Ken Camera, who said he presented his concerns to skatepark boosters Joe Marone and Gabriella D’Angelo, as well as City Manager Matt Horn, by email.

The FLX Skateboard Club is hosting a forum on Monday night in the second floor conference room at City Hall, 47 Castle St., to outline its skatepark plans, and Marone encouraged input, pro and con.

The proposal envisions the skateboard design intermingling with traditional park activities, such as picnicking and walking.

However, Camera does not see those activities as compatible with skateboarding.

Camera said that “some kind of separation needs to be provided between the proposed skateboarding and pedestrian-centric activities such as walking, bike riding, sitting and attending an event, such as a farmers market or outdoor art show.”

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