Masquerade ball to raise funds for Seneca County homeless

There are no homeless shelters in Seneca County.

But that doesn’t mean no one is homeless.

According to Melissa Nesbit, executive director of Seneca Housing Inc., the county could have about 480 homeless people or families in a year, based on national numbers and the county’s population.

“Although we do not have tent cities and there aren’t people sleeping under bridges, homelessness still exists right here in our little county,” Nesbit said. “Many of the homeless folks stay a few nights on a couch here or there with friends or family, but that’s only a temporary fix.”

She added that others, in her experience, “have packed all of their earthly possessions in their vehicle and live there.”

Nesbit said cars with the interior filled with household items are not messy but rather are places where people live.

“Others live in dilapidated popup campers, even during bitter upstate winters,” she said.

Nesbit said she finds that reality appalling.

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