UPDATE: Deputy Chief charged with DWI suspended without pay

Press conference held by City Manager and Police Chief

Auburn City Manager Jeff Dygert and Police Chief Shawn Butler held a press conference on Monday to provide an update on Deputy Chief Roger J. Anthony’s status with the force.

After being charged with driving while intoxicated in Aurelius over the weekend, Dygert said on Monday that Anthony has been suspended without pay. “There are still a lot of things that need to play out. He still has rights,” Dygert said during the press conference with local media.

Butler called the incident a mistake on behalf of Anthony, and both said that Anthony has historically been a hard worker that displayed high integrity throughout his career.

“He was a hard worker, did well, did a lot of things behind the scenes that didn’t come with a lot of fan fare,” Dygert said of Anthony’s career.

Butler said he hoped that this mistake wouldn’t cost him his job, but both noted that more information would be needed before any decisions regarding his long-term employment would be made.

Dygert said there had been incidents like this throughout the city’s history, but he couldn’t recall any from his time as City Manager. While some wondered if any precedent had been set in the past with what type of punishment might be associated with this kind of crime, neither had an answer as to it’s severity.

“Everything’s on the table as a possibility right now,” Dygert explained. The two said everything from a reduction of responsibility — to outright loss of employment is possible.

According to Dygert, Anthony was not in a city-owned vehicle at the time of the stop, which could have an impact on whether he keeps his job.

As for the risk of a conflict: Dygert says the decision is his to make on whether Anthony keeps his job in the long-run, but no decision will be made before all court proceedings play out.

According to Dygert, a special prosecutor will be sought by District Attorney Jon Budelmann’s office in the DWI case.

Anthony’s next court appearance is for Wednesday, April 5th.

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Original Story – April 2nd

According to the Auburn City Manager’s Office the deputy chief of police has been arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated.

Roger J. Anthony, 44, was arrested around 2:30 am on April 1st on Half Acre Rd. He was charged with first-offense driving while intoxicated and aggravated driving while intoxicated, both misdemeanors.

He was placed on administrative leave, according to City Manager Jeff Dygert pending more information. Some official documentation from the courts will be necessary, according to Dygert, before any decision are made on his employment or status with the city.

Anthony joined the force in 1997 and was named deputy chief in 2016.

The charges will be answered in Aurelius Town Court.

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