Two major announcements made this week for NYS Fair

New York State Fair

Two major announcements were made this week for fans of the New York State Fair.

Acting Director Troy Waffner announced on Monday that four cabins would be placed on the grounds — making them available for families with young children.

“It’ll really be turned into a refuge for young families from the heat and crowds; a place where families can recharge their batteries before jumping back onto the roller coaster, eating the deep-fried Oreos or whatever else they’re doing at the Fair,” Waffner explained.

The spaces will be fully-finished and air conditioned by the time they debut this year. Outside the cabins will be landscaped and will feature Adirondack chairs and benches, according to Waffner.

“Making sure the fair is part of everyone’s lives and everybody feels like they are invested in the fair and the fair is here for them,” Waffner explained to those in attendance.

The four centers came at the cost of $34,000, which all as part of the Fair’s budget.

The creation of a Baby Care Center wasn’t the only announcement for fair officials this week.

On Tuesday, organizers announced the addition of 3 Doors Down to the New York State Fair concert lineup.

Waffner said “We’re excited to begin this new day of Fair programming with such a great band. I know everyone’s going to love having one more day to enjoy the Fair and 3 Doors Down will bring that new day to a thrilling close.”

This will be the third time 3 Doors Down has played the fair. The last time they appeared in Syracuse for the fair was in 2011.

3 Doors Down will open the new schedule, which will see the fair open for 13 days instead of 12 — running from August 23rd until September 4th.

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