Boards place restrictions on new used car business coming to Newark

The village of Newark will see a new spot to buy a used car with approval by both zoning and planning boards but the approval didn’t come without some opposition.

Code Enforcement Officer Mark Peake announced the new business at the last Village Board meeting in February. Peake said the planning and zoning boards met and agreed to issue a special use permit that would allow Albert Smith and Anthony Remauro to sell used cars at 513 West Union Street in the village, between McDonald’s and Advanced Auto.

Remauro and Smith told the zoning board they wanted to park used automobiles in the existing parking spaces at the site, which is owned by Graybill Real Estate, LLC. They said no automotive work would be performed at the site, but that local car repair shops would be used as needed is repairs were required. Signs with the new business’s name on it would be added to the existing  Cannery Row signs. The duo also intend to have an office in Cannery Row. All cars would be purchased from auctions.

The permit was approved, but not without several restrictions, including a limit of eight cars and no cars may be parked up by the road or in the right of way. The planning board also issued conditions requiring the striping to be redone and no vehicles should be parked to block the stairway that goes up to McDonald’s.

Although Peake said he has not received any complaints about the proposed business, Trustee Al Schober is among those opposing it and he said he’s not alone.

“My biggest problem is … I don’t like the clutter,” he said. Once it starts, it can keep going until you see cars parked in every pocket.”

Schober said he would rather see a more structured business come and move into a more appropriate place.

“I don’t ever like to restrict trade,” he said. “Everybody has the right to make money in its proper place.”

Peake said current zoning laws do not prohibit such a business – all they can do is restrict what the business can do.

– Tammy Whitacre, FingerLakes1.com

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