HALF DAY: Auburn students lose day off, will go back Friday as district runs out of snow days

The Auburn Enlarged City School District is out of snow days.

Now, it means scheduling a day of school when the district was supposed to have it off.

A half day has been scheduled for Friday, March 17th after the school had to close on Wednesday due to Winter Storm Stella.

The Auburn High School and Junior High School will be released at 11 am. While the Elementary Schools will release at noon.

Other events that have been rescheduled include:

– The Board of Education Meeting, which has been rescheduled to Tuesday, March 21st at 7 pm.

– The Policy Committee Meeting, which also has been rescheduled to the same night at the Auburn High School Library.

District Superintendent Jeff Pirozzolo told the Auburn Citizen that if they go over the allotment of snow days available, then they begin losing state aide.

He also noted that the district was having a difficult time keeping up with the snow that fell overnight and continued to fall on Wednesday. “It’s been a challenge because we want to get everything clear so we can start up classes again tomorrow.”

Port Byron and Skaneateles both are in similar situations, as the districts have used up their allotted emergency snow days.

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