FORECAST: Finger Lakes turning colder, remaining windy

Waves pounding the Sodus Point shoreline on Wednesday. Submitted to FL1 News by Chris Trine Photography.

The advisories and warnings from Wednesday’s major wind event have ended, but the National Weather Service and forecasters from around the area say that breezy weather is going to persist for several days.

Some of those gusts could still exceed 40 mph, and while that will not be major — compared to the 50, 60, 70 and even 80 mph wind gusts seen in the western Finger Lakes on Wednesday — it could still be enough to blow around some of the loose debris.

Here is FLX Weather Meteorologist Drew Montreuil’s forecast for Thursday:

While not as strong as yesterday, the wind will remain gusty on Thursday. Some snow will return to the region Friday and Saturday.

Breezy conditions remain in place across the Finger Lakes after Wednesday’s wind storm.

Particularly hard hit were areas between Rochester and Binghamton. Rochester recorded its strongest non-thunderstorm wind gust since records began in 1941 with an 81 mph wind. Tens of thousands lost power, and the wind even derailed a train in Batavia.

The wind today will not come close to those impacts, but may still gust over 40 mph, especially across the I-90 Corridor. The wind will be less the further south and west you go, with top gusts around 30 mph for the western Southern Tier.

Outside of the wind, skies will be a mix of sun and clouds. A couple of showers may be possible, especially early in the day. Most of the time should be precipitation-free.

Temperatures will be cooler than in recent days, but very close to the seasonal normals for early March. Look for temperatures to top out near or just below 40 degrees this afternoon.

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