Auburn man sentenced in vehicular homicide of 3-week-old infant

District Attorney Jon Budelmann announced today that 37-year-old Raymond Campagna, Jr., of Auburn, was sentenced Tuesday morning in Cayuga County Court before Judge Thomas Leone to 5 to 20 years in prison for the April 9th killing of 3-week-old Kasey Potter in a head-on DWI crash.

The accident took place on State Route 34 in the Town of Fleming (just South of the City of Auburn). Campagna crossed the center line and struck a southbound truck operated by Dakota Potter.

It was Potter’s 3-week-old son Kasey who died of his injuries several hours after the crash. Kasey’s mother, later identified as Kirsten Foisia-Burgman was also seriously injured.

Campagna pled guilty on November 29th to aggravated vehicular homicide, aggravated vehicular assault, driving while intoxicated with a blood-alcohol content of .08 percent and reckless driving in satisfaction of the 18 count indictment.

He admitted he was driving with a blood-alcohol content of 0.08 percent on April 9th as he drove northbound on Route 34 in a reckless manner, crossing the center line of the road and crashing into the oncoming vehicle head-on.

The sentences imposed today were an indeterminate term of 5 to 20 years on the aggravated vehicular homicide count; a concurrent 4 to 12 year sentence on the aggravated vehicular assault; a concurrent six months for the driving while intoxicated with a blood-alcohol content of .08 percent — a misdemeanor; and a fine on the misdemeanor reckless driving.

Upon his release from prison, a 5-year-term of post-incarceration probation with an ignition interlock device will be required.

Campagna’s NYS Driver’s License was revoked and he was assessed a total of $1,600 in fines and another $570 in surcharges.

Assistant District Attorney Diane Adsit prosecuted the case and said that while the defendant will come up for parole in five years when he reaches the minimum term — their office will strongly oppose it.

Based upon past experience there is very little chance that Campagna will be released on parole before his conditional release date.

His conditional release date will come up in 13⅓ years; by law the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision must release him at that point.

The victims and this Office hope that the Parole Board agree that Campagna has proven too dangerous to let out any sooner than required.

As the victims stated, there is simply no sentence that will bring back their child Kasey Potter.

“It is heartbreaking that Kirsten and Dakota lost their infant child to a drunk driver at such a tender age,” ADA Adsit remarked afterward. “There is no excuse for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and this case shows how serious the consequences can be,” she closed.

District Attorney Budelmann commented on the excellent investigation conducted by the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Department and prosecution by ADA Adsit, who is now in her 28th year prosecuting DWI cases in Cayuga County.

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