Strategic planner gives presentation to Seneca Co. IDA

It’s about identifying where we’re going.

That was the message from Peter Fairweather, of Fairweather Consulting, who gave a brief presentation to the Seneca County Industrial Development Agency about its economic future.

“Strategic planning is about identifying where you’re going in the next 15 to 20 years,” he explained. He came to the IDA through a referral by Seneca County Manager John Sheppard, who had worked with him during his tenure in Ontario County. “What makes Seneca County unique?” Fairweather asked members of the IDA.

Sheppard said that he hadn’t seen the County make any efforts to identify its long-term strategy. “It’s an important part of the process,” he remarked.

“What’s different in terms of what we can offer?” Fairweather’s presentation was filled with questions, which will have to be answered by the IDA and other members of the various communities in Seneca County.

“What are our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and how do we prepare?” he asked. The next step for the IDA would be to partner with Fairweather Consulting to create a long-term strategic plan. According to Fairweather, the plan would incorporate all entities and businesses throughout the county, which would be done during the review process.

“We won’t be herding cats after the fact,” he quipped to the IDA. The strategic plan would involve the various entities around the county, including the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce during the investigation, review, and implementation processes, to ensure that no one is left out.

It’ll also be a strategic plan that bridges the gap between the southern and northern portions of the county. It’s unclear when the IDA will take action on that item, which would be subject to a vote.

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