Village of Newark launches business development program

In a press release this weekend, the Village of Newark announced a plan, which would allow for greater development inside Newark.

The Village of Newark is pleased to announce the creation of a 100 % matching grant program (maximum of $7,500) for existing and new businesses. Each application will to be reviewed by the Village’s Loan Committee based on three criteria. The first criterion is the potential for the project to improve the Village as a business district. The second criterion is the potential for the positive impact on the walkability and public view, and the final criterion is job creation at the applying business.

Applications will be available online at www.villageofnewark.com, or by contacting Mark Peake or Robbin Bremer in the Village of Newark office, located on the third floor at 100 East Miler Street, Newark, New York 14513. If anyone has any questions they may call Mark Peake at 315-331-4773 ext. 106 or email him at [email protected].

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