Over 450 Lake Property Owners Oppose Crestwood’s Revised Gas Storage Plan

468 Seneca Lake Property Owners sent a public letter to Governor Cuomo today, calling on him to protect Seneca Lake from Crestwood’s dangerous gas storage plan, which would turn the Finger Lakes into a major hub for gas storage and transport, with 100 percent of the propane stored in the facility set to be exported out of New York State. The letter’s signatories include fishermen, boaters, race car enthusiasts, and corporate executives such as CEO of Corning Inc., Wendell Weeks, who all came together in their desire to protect Seneca Lake from a dangerous gas storage project like Crestwood’s.

Crestwood, a Texas corporation, modified its original proposal in August. The letter to Governor Cuomo from Seneca Lake Property Owners points out that even with the revisions, the plan will do more harm to the region than good. The propane is not intended for local use and there is no need for additional propane storage, particularly when New Yorkers are moving toward renewables and away from the dirty fossil fuel industry.

“We welcome the kind of sustainable, clean and tourism-compatible jobs that renewables create, not the handful of jobs Crestwood is promising; especially at the risk of threatening our water, health, safety, and thriving economy,” the letter reads.

In Crestwood’s new plan, temporary construction jobs went from 50 to “approximately 30”, permanent jobs went from 8-10 to “3-5”, and property tax revenue to an underwhelming estimate of $250,000. This highly contrasts with Seneca Lake’s vibrant tourist economy, which provides 58,000 jobs and brings in $2.8 Billion annually into NY’s economy, and will be under threat with Crestwood’s industrialization of Seneca Lake.

There are extreme dangers associated with storing gas in unlined caverns that were never engineered to store anything, along Seneca Lake – a drinking water source for 100,000 people. If there is a breach in the brine pond, the brine will flow directly into Seneca Lake. There are also potential explosion risks, which threaten the lives and local businesses in the region, and are consistently downplayed by Crestwood.

The letter explains that Crestwood is not fully insured against the inherent risks associated with gas storage and transport, which means the bulk of the liability lies with the community in the event of an accident. This is especially troubling as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has fined Crestwood’s gas storage facility twice for violations of accident-prevention rules at its Bath/Savona gas storage facility. Records indicate Crestwood has repeatedly failed to comply with basic required accident-prevention practices.

“As property owners and major taxpayers around the lake, we strongly urge you to do everything in your power to deny all permits for gas storage to Crestwood,” the letter to Governor Cuomo concludes.

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