Inside the FLX: Seneca County Manager John Sheppard discusses proposition, finance department

On Tuesday’s edition of Inside the FLX Seneca County Manager John Sheppard joined Josh Durso in-studio to discuss a local law, which is on the ballot in Seneca County.

On Election Day voters will decide whether to adopt a proposition, which will specify the role and future of the Seneca County Treasurer.

Sheppard, who has spearheaded this effort alongside recently hired Finance Director Brandi Deeds said that the consolidation and reorganization of the county finances has already begun. He described a process, which heavily relies on making the system better suited to handle the function of saving Seneca County money.

The reorganization also focuses on ensuring that there is accountability for these financial decisions, which cost taxpayers money.

In a day where every financial decision is scrutinized and accounted for Sheppard points out that it’s paramount to have the right people, making the right decisions along the way.

Part of that reorganization includes an overall reduction of staff. Sheppard points out that none of these changes will cost any one person their job with the County.

Instead, the new ‘vertically’ positioned finance department will have individuals in the finance space working together at the County. Rather than having each department handle finances individually. As Sheppard said during his interview with Durso, it’s not only about accountability – but efficiency as well.

Sheppard, the former Seneca Town Supervisor in Ontario County, spent more than two decades in the military – with 21 years of active duty experience.

Learn more about the proposition by watching the interview from Inside the FLX in the video player above or check out the audio only version below…

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