Auburn Community Hospital cited after major hygiene, drug administration failures

The Auburn Community Hospital is under fire after two unannounced visits this past spring revealed that staff were not following prescribed procedures as it pertained to hygiene and drug administration.

The report indicates that hand hygiene was not performed as required and the current hand hygiene policy and procedure was not adequate, personal protective equipment was not worn appropriately, expired medications were available for patient use, cleaning supplies were not stored appropriately and equipment was not cleaned between patients.

It also notes that trash and soiled linen receptacles were stored in a public corridor outside the operating room and that humidity and temperature were not within acceptable ranges. The report also points out that drug administration policies were not followed effectively.

The reported incidents ranged in date – from earlier this year – to dates moving back several years. FingerLakes1.com has reached out to Auburn Community Hospital for comment, but has not had those efforts reciprocated at this time.

Some of the major violations were as followed:

– An incident involving a member of the nursing staff administering an intravenous push of 15 mg of metoclopramide, in which the staffer said “This seems like a high dosage, I have never pushed that amount before.”

After review of official policy, it was determined that registered nurses may administer certain drugs by IV therapy — but metoclopramide was not one of them.

– A member of the staff did not perform hand hygiene after removing soiled gloves, and putting on new gloves to perform a procedure. That procedure involved the insertion of a catheter.

– Similarly another staffer did not perform hand hygiene before administering a respiratory treatment.

– Yet another staffer was observed not performing basic hand hygiene before “donning gloves to obtain a patient fingerstick.”

– A staff member was observed not wearing gloves during an eye injection procedure, which was a violation of the hospital policy and safety guidelines.

– Multiple vials of multi-dose medication, which had expired were found in medication refrigerators. Both were several months out of date.

– According to the report, 12 containers of PDI Sani-Coth Bleach Wipes were stored in a dirty utility room. Similarly, clean linens and a linen cart were located in a main hallway — as well as in unsanitary locations.

– A row of 10 waste receptacles (32 gallons each) labeled trash, and soiled linen were placed in a stairwell. Policy requires that these containers be in a sealed room with proper ventilation.

It was found that those receptacles were left for daily collection, and not picked up or moved at the end of the day. Rather, that stairwell was used as a waste storage room.

– There were also a series of humidity and temperature control failures noted in the report.

Read the complete report here.

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