Washington Post takes a timely visit to “Suffragette City”

Washington Post freelance writer Debra Bruno published a piece in last Thursday’s Washington Post Travel Section outlining a recent trip to Seneca Falls, NY in which she argues that the historical northern Seneca County town deserves a more prominent place on the map.

Bruno writes…

One hundred sixty-eight years ago, a hastily assembled group of suffragists, abolitionists, Quakers, and Methodists gathered in a sleepy mill town in upstate New York to argue that women should have the right to vote.

It took them another 72 years to win the argument.

And of course, it would take almost another 100 years for a woman to get as far as the final ballot to become president.

It’s a good enough reason to visit Seneca Falls.

Click here to read the full article “Suffragette City: A timely visit to Seneca Falls, N.Y., birthplace of the 19th amendment” at WashingtonPost.com

Elizabeth Cady Stanton House in Seneca Falls, NY – Photo by Debra Bruno

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