Out & About at West Main Kitchen in Waterloo

After a stretch of rain locally, and with temperatures dropping to more seasonable levels, it was a great day to grab a hearty, lunch on Sunday afternoon as my wife and I returned to West Main Kitchen in downtown Waterloo. Except, instead of typical lunch fare, we ordered breakfast which is available whenever West Main is open (from 7 am – 3 pm on the weekends and 7 am – 2 pm weekdays),

When we arrived shortly after 12:30, there were 2 groups of 6 already enjoying their food, one individual reading the paper at the counter, and a young couple with a toddler sharing a booth near the back. With the restaurant at about 50% capacity, we seated ourselves in a booth near the middle of the well lit, comfortably country-style decorated space and were immediately greeted by our waitress.

We ordered two cups of coffee and I queued up an order of Steel Cut Oatmeal and one of West Main’s signature cast iron skillets. My date ordered the Lemon Poppy Silver Dollar Pancakes and a unique creation called “Toad in a Hole”.

Our order arrived shortly with my oatmeal about 5 minutes ahead of the main courses…

The oatmeal was surprisingly delicious. Topped off with a spoonful of brown sugar and ample fresh blueberries. I took up our server on her offer of milk to add to the bowl and, once everything was mixed together, enjoyed my first course. I shared a few spoons with my wife who agreed that it was a good choice and something we would both order next time we were back. The photo below show the bowl already “half-enjoyed”.

I ordered the Corned Beef Hash skillet with the eggs over-easy and white toast. When it arrived I quickly dug in and found the house-made hash to be delicious and well-balanced. I asked for a serving of their homemade grape jelly (they offer strawberry, grape and orange marmalade). After spreading the jelly on my toast I used the crust to puncture the egg yolks which started to combine with the hash below. Delicious!

I was also able to share some of the Lemon Poppy Silver Dollar Pancakes at the table. There were seven slightly bigger than silver-dollar sized pancakes lightly dusted with powdered sugar and served with fresh homemade blueberry jam. We both agreed this plate was light (as pancakes go) and delicious.

The star of the outing was the “Toad in a Hole”. A simple concoction of a thick slice of Pullman white toast with a circle cut out of the center and replaced with a fried egg. The toast was topped off with locally sourced Miranda white cheddar cheese and scallions. It was a simple, while elegant, way to enjoy eggs and toast. An added touch was that the kitchen saved the cut-out circle at the center of the slice and toasted it before including it on the plate.

West Main’s classic hash browns accompanied the pancakes and Toad in a Hole. They are thick, heavily seasoned, and browned to perfection. Best enjoyed, in my opinion, with ketchup.

A solid and satisfying early afternoon breakfast out and about in Waterloo on a late-October Sunday.

You can visit West Main Kitchen online at www.westmainkitchen.com and check out their full menu and pricing online. Our tab came to $36 before gratuity for the meal described above.

By Jim Sinicropi, FingerLakes1.com

Out and About in the Finger Lakes is a recurring feature on FingerLakes1.com highlighting our staff’s everyday visits to area restaurants, events and destinations. We’d love to hear about your experiences at West Main Kitchen or other locations out and about in the region in the comment section below…

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