Newark Mayor Jonathan Taylor reacts to IEC’s decision to layoff 73 full-time employees

Newark Mayor Jonathan Taylor believes that things are headed in the right direction in Newark.

In an emailed statement received by FingerLakes1.com, Taylor shared his optimism regarding Newark’s direction, despite the fact that more than 70 full-time employees would lose their job’s at IEC Electronics, located in Newark.

Taylor said, “We expect that every business will have ebbs and flows, and we are very confident that IEC will move through this phase and have a long and prosperous future in Newark.”

He also pointed out that Newark currently has multiple items in the works, which he believes will lead to more growth and prosperity in the community. Though specifics on those items were not included.

Reaction from around the community and region has been mixed, but many supporters of IEC have pointed out that this has been a common flow for them. IEC Electronics has varied in size throughout it’s time in Wayne County, and this latest round of layoffs is just another chapter in their story.

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IEC Electronics announced this week that the workforce at their Newark facility would be reduced by 73 full-time employees. The news came in form of a press release, which was quietly released on Tuesday morning.

Jeffrey T. Schlarbaum, President & CEO of IEC Electronics commented, “We continue to proactively manage our expense structure as we move through the turnaround. As an outsourced contract manufacturer, our workforce needs fluctuate commensurate with the demands of customer programs.”

He went on pointing out that, “To that end, we have seen a softening in our near term backlog as we look into early fiscal 2017, and have taken proactive steps to align our cost structure with a workforce reduction at our Newark, New York facility as was recently reported by a local media outlet.”

While the prospect of losing 73 full-time jobs in Newark can be challenging, Schlarbaum summed up his statement remaining confident in the long-term sustainability of the facility in Newark. “We remain confident about the long term prospects of the company and look forward to providing a further update in mid-December when we announce our fourth quarter and fiscal year-end financial results.”

FingerLakes1.com has reached out to local officials in Wayne County and will provide their statements as they come to the newsroom.

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