Diver located and ID’d by authorities after lengthy search on Skaneateles Lake

State Police have identified the diver who went missing on Skaneateles Lake on Monday after an apparent drowning.

Authorities say that the body of Ulises Garcia, 50, of Syracuse was located roughly 120 feet beneath the surface on Tuesday afternoon.

The Auburn Citizen reports that friends at the scene on Tuesday indicated that the two men were attempting to recover a boat motor, which had sank at the location earlier. They also report that an autopsy is set to begin on Wednesday to determine the exact cause of death.

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The search resumed on Tuesday for a missing diver, who experienced what are being described as technical issues after making a dive just offshore.

On Monday, the search was called off at darkness – due to visibility issues. The diver was said to be approximately 80 feet beneath the surface, which made the search process even more challenging.

“The diver apparently experienced some kind of a problem,” Captain Jeffrey Raub, with the New York State Police. He told CNY Central that, ”The individual on the boat no longer seeing air bubbles coming up, he recognized that as a problem.”

Local fishermen report that the depth of the lake quickly falls off to 100 feet, or more just offshore.

First responders were called to the scene at Lourdes Camp at 10 Mile Point Road on Monday with the search continuing on Tuesday. The identity of the diver has not been released by authorities to this point.

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In an update Monday evening, divers temporarily suspended the search for the missing diver on Skaneateles Lake, who had gone missing earlier in the day.

Emergency crews had responded to a possible drowning on Skaneateles Lake Monday afternoon in the area of Ten Mile Point Road and Lourdes Camp in Spafford.

According to initial police scanner reports, a 50-year-old male diver has lost contact with the pontoon boat he was with, and was last known to be about 80 feet under water. Skaneateles and Spafford units including a dive team, Onondaga County Sheriff’s helicopter and New York State Police were responding to the scene.

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